Generating Character in the Students


The property which defines human beings as a social animal is Character. Education in school is the tool which generates character in kids and children. It is so because ERP in school helps the administration to make sure that students should receive all those essential components as teaching which are necessary for their future life. ERP in school also helps the tutors to view student details and through this communication gets better between students and tutors. Proper education in the school is the best way to provide essential life and social skills to the kids. Educational institutions bring out the good citizen out of an illiterate kid by building character in him/her. It is said that a child’s mind is a blank slate and whatever is written on that blank slate that remains in his character whole life. Hence school education is designed for preparing a knowledgeable and socially sound character in a child as a future adult. Six components- trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, care and citizenship are the base of a good character. These components can create an epitome of character in a child as a student with the help of proper education. Above mentioned components of a good character automatically generate a gentleman in a child by awakening sensibility towards responsibilities, respect for others, nature of help and compassion for every living organism. Such deeply enriched qualities in the character of a child makes him a sincere student and also responsible towards his studies and he earns not only good marks but also respect among peer group and faculty. Basic school education enriches such above-mentioned qualities in the student as the child develops an ample amount of confidence in the child due to which he/she could attain a good academic career. 

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It is a school where a student gets the first experience of many in his life such as first success, his first failure, his first jealousy, anger, happiness, peer group, friendship rejection, justice etc. On the basis of such events in the life a child builds up his own list of Do’s and Don’ts where according to his capacity to handle the situation he/she lets his/her mind make the decision to do or to not to do anything. School managements also make sure that students should receive experience full of knowledge and experience, for which they are adopting these new tools of online education like school management ERP software. This school management ERP software improves the functions of school management which improves the teaching-learning process.  This is why in primary and elementary education a child is taught with basic manners and etiquettes to get respect in society and survive peacefully with respect. This is also a basic and necessary part of the process of preparing children as students to face difficulties in life, to face the opportunities and to develop their inter and intra personal skills so that they can achieve a benchmark in their academic career. One should be trustworthy always and should be honest who never cheats or steals from anyone. A student should learn on a necessary basis to respect others. 

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He/she should be self-disciplined which means he or she shouldn’t need anyone else to remind them about discipline and should keep trying until they achieve success. Students should be sensitive enough to consider the consequences and think before acting. He/she should be firm to his words and statements. He/she should be fair to others in school and further by listening to others and paying attention to what others say instead of neglecting them, also treat people in an open-minded view. Sometimes the mind can lure towards evil acts but never take advantage of others because what you do to others comes back with double intensity. Have some humanitarian qualities like kindness, compassion, gratitude for those who always help and be there in hours or need. Most importantly he or she should be kind enough to forgive others to bring calm and peace to heart and mind. A student should have qualities of a good citizen which strengthen his/her character as the strongest pillar other than the pillars we have talked about in the above paragraph like contributing in your family, school and community. Cooperate with others, stay attentive and informed and do vote to choose the right leadership. Students should start practicing a good character from home and should be kind and good to their neighbours. Always make those decisions which are not beneficial for you but for others also. Nature has served humanity for thousands of years so show some gratitude to it and protect the environment. Taking care and thinking for not only oneself but for others also is a trait of a very good character. Students should be taught to respect always whether in the matter of teachers, mentors, peer-group, rich-poor, man-woman anybody, he should respect everyone then only he/she will get respect. 

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