The Best Batting Tips You Should Know

Batting Tips

Everyone who is a beginner hopes to be an outstanding cricketer and is constantly looking for Cricket batting tips. There are a few strategies and suggestions you must learn as a beginner in order to excel at the sport. 

In cricket, the three factors that are crucial are batting, bowling and fielding. If you’re trying to become a top batsman, here are some very beneficial cricket batting tips.

15 Cricket batting strategies for beginners

Standing Sideways

Always face the bowler with your feet shoulder-width apart. Flex your body by bending your hips while keeping your spine straight. When you have the bat, you should put your non-dominant shoulder in the direction of the bowler. Make sure that you keep your eye focused on the ball. Your shoulders shouldn’t be lowered and should be level at all times. If you’re right-handed, you’ll be on the right part of the stump. Likewise, If you’re left-handed, stand on the left part of the stump.

Hold the bat

Make sure you hold the bat tightly and securely. If you’re a right-handed player, the left hand should be holding the bat’s end of the bat, with the knuckles facing towards the bowler. The right side of your hand must be in the middle of your left hand. Hold the bat with two fingers as well as your thumb. The thumb and fingers of your index should lie placed in an X position to ensure a more secure and tighter grip. This is also the case for left-handed players. Make sure that your hands are in close proximity to one another and that the paddle of your bat is comfortably in your hands.

Distance between the stump and the bat

Draw a line on your turf starting from the mid-wicket. This will allow you to determine that your wickets are in the right place when you are batting. Draw the line with the end of your bat and ensure that your line runs parallel with a middle wicket. The line is referred to as the guard line. If you’re practicing in an indoor environment, you can employ tape as a marker to mark the lines of the fence.

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The bat is tapped to the line of ground

If you tap the line of the guard, it signals the bowler that you are in the right position to bat. Don’t tap too to the ground. Be sure that your bat is straight as it can always be to maintain your body posture.

While playing

If the ball is aimed at your face and you need to hit it, you must remain with your leg in front of you and turn your bat in the opposite direction to create energy. When you are lifting, the bat must remain straight toward the sky and rise until your shoulder is back. When the ball appears in a low position, then step forward to hit it. However, when it’s high, move it up onto the blackboard. When you raise the bat in order to strike it, your forearm should be aligned with your shoulder.

Watch out for the ball

Always keep your eyes on the ball. If you watch the ball until it reaches a pitch it, you will be able to determine what position you need to be in to hit the ball. When the ball approaches you, consider the shot you want to hit. If the ball is in the right place, you can drive for long shots. However, should the ball pitch too low or high, you can take a defensive shot. This is among the most crucial cricket batting methods for novices to learn and practice.

Make sure you swing the bat downwards

Move your bat downwards to strike the ball when it bounces. Keep your lead leg at the front and your lead elbow in front of the bowler. Keep your bat in place to strike the ball as hard as it is possible. This is the most popular and is known as a straight drive.

Short Pitch

The bat should be swung towards the side if the pitch is not long. If the ball hits the ground quickly, then it’s classified as short pitches. Backward move your back foot for a defensive swing. You should swing the bat towards the side, like the baseball bat, instead of hitting it straight down. This will cause the ball to move higher and longer. This shot is known as an arc shot. It will cause the ball to move towards the other edge of the field.

When the ball has been directed at the target

Contact the ball in the event that it is pointed towards the wicket. When the ball appears speedy and low, that indicates that it’s primarily to strike your wicket and knock you out. In this case, it is necessary to strike straight shots to defend. This shot is not meant to create scores or run; however, it is to safeguard your wickets. Be sure to strike your ball in the right direction by focusing your attention on the ball.


You can improve your swing by executing your swing. A proper follow-through is essential. Be sure to follow your bat during the entire swing, even if you missed the ball. This is to get the ball as close as you can. Practice until you are able to do it; even in the event that you fail to hit your ball, will not throw the ball into the air and then get it out quickly.

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Be in peace

The stress of playing can cause you to lose concentration and throw you off of your game. You are more likely to make mistakes when you’re anxious. Be sure to practice controlling your breathing and visualizing the direction that the ball will travel. Make sure to shut out all the nervousness and excitement from the crowd and focus solely on your ball.

Do your practice with your mirror in front of you.

Practice your swing by looking at a mirror before practicing using a ball will help you become a better player. This is called shadow cricket. This can help you to see your swing and allow you to modify your stance in the right direction.

Try batting practice using the tennis ball

If you’re looking to improve your swing, throw the tennis ball directly in front of your face and smash it with all of your strength. This will help you swing improved. The swing you make will help your lower hand grip more comfortably because your dominant hand will be the one holding the bat.

Bat at waist-high

Place your bat at waist height before you swing. Make sure the bat is pointed upwards or down and in a straight line to the ground. The exact position of the bat doesn’t matter, as long as you are at ease with your posture and capable of swiftly moving. Make sure the surface of the bat is in the direction of the bowler in order to get a great hit.


Be sure to take part in your training practices with the team. Playing with them and drilling with them helps you get stronger and more prepared for the big game. Be sure to be attentive to your coach or team members when they give any suggestions regarding your playing.

It is important to practice in order to master any skill. Continue to practice the cricket batting strategies for beginners listed above and eventually become the player you always dreamed of becoming.

How To Bat?

Every cricketer needs to be aware of the basics of batting. The most important thing to be aware of when you are bats is to guard your wickets and stumps. Batting can be improved by understanding a few basic and crucial cricket batting rules. Below are some tips that you should follow to perfect your batting ability –

Make sure you have a perfect grip on the bat

Put your bat down, with the end in front of your face. You can pick up the bat using your dominant hand over the non-dominant hand. Place your thumbs in the opposite direction of the fingers. Wear gloves to bat and put your thumb in a V shape. The bat should be held according to your level of comfort.

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In front of the bowler

When you are playing, your other side must be in front of the bowler. This ensures that the dominant hand is pushing the bat to all force to strike the ball high and far as well as away from bowlers.

Feet should be kept at an appropriate distance

The fact that you keep your feet a foot away from one another provides stability when you are batting. Relax your knees so that you are able to sprint after hitting the ball. Place your weight evenly on both of your legs, and then look straight at the ball.


Be sure that your feet are aligned, starting from your middle stump and your dominant feet. The bowler is trying to hit your wickets; thus, you should stand on the wicket in front of them, covering the entire wicket to stop the wicket from falling.

Reading the bat

The bat should be held horizontally from the bowler to your thigh, which parallels to the ground. This way, you are able to easily hit an effective defensive hit.

Swinging the bat

The bat should be tapped repeatedly on the ground in order to show the bowler that you’re ready to strike. As you do this, attempt to shift your weight from your body towards the bat and remain focused on the ball all the time. This will allow you to take a long and distance shot.

Ready to hit

Move your bat backward when you are aiming for hitting. This is referred to as the backlift. Make sure you choose your direction and your strength based on the ball’s speed. If you turn your shoulders or head and you are distracted away from your ball. This is why you should move your shoulder to the front by bending it a bit. Keep your body and head straight throughout.

Go forward or backward

Take the appropriate action to hit the shot you want to hit. Then, wait for the swing and then follow the swing by taking a tiny step forward or back. Move your weight towards the back leg to ensure you can balance when you swing. Moving your weight around allows you to adapt to the ball that is more powerful after the ball has been hit and requires a longer time to get there. Make an entire pitch.

Lead shoulder, followed by the front foot

When you swing, Begin by moving the shoulder that is leading first, then you can follow it with your front foot. This helps maintain the equilibrium and strength of your body as well as with the bat.

Select the shot you want to take.

Choose which shot to make in accordance with the ball. Pay attention to the ball because it could be moving straight towards the wicket or move sideways. This will allow you to decide your shot’s strength and speed.

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