All You Need To Know About Fintech Courses in 2022

Fintech Courses

FinTech, often known as financial technology, is the fusion of conventional financial methods with technology and innovation. It intends to use new technical developments in the banking sector. FinTech is mainly utilized by businesses to improve how they handle their financial operations. Online payments, mobile banking, and cryptocurrency are a few examples of Fintech.

Fintech certifications and diploma programs are available from reputable institutions. FinTech courses are also offered on websites like Coursera, Udemy, and edX. BITS Pilani, IIMs in India, and SP Jain Global Management are the leading universities in India that offer courses in Fintech. The eligibility varies depending on the institute and the course fee, which might range from INR 2-INR 3 lakh. The majority of FinTech classes are offered online.

India already has more than 2000 fintech companies, and a rise in this industry is anticipated in the near future, according to the FinTech study. Fintech businesses include Paytm, CRED, Policy Bazaar, and MobiKwik. The industry is currently valued at between $50 and $60 billion; through 2025, a three-fold expansion is anticipated.

What Are Fintech Courses?

A new field, financial technology, seeks to use technology to advance the financial sector. It can be viewed as a novel concept that enhances financial services by supplying technical solutions.

FinTech is a broad phrase that covers everything from online payments to digital money and double-entry bookkeeping. The area has expanded rapidly since the advent of the internet and now includes both start-up businesses and well-established organizations.

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Robo advisers, electronic trading platforms, and internet payment gateways have simplified financial transactions.

FinTech enables entrepreneurs, corporations, and consumers to handle their financial operations and processes better by using computer software on their cellphones.

Most Popular Fintech Courses To Pursue in 2022

You can learn about Fintech and digital transformation one step at a time by enrolling in one of the five different online financial technologies courses listed below. The best instructors from many locations, including the University of Hong Kong, Copenhagen Business School, University of Cape Town, and many other global science, technology, and financial institutions, are also available for some courses.

Digital Payments, Tools, and Strategies – FinTech

Everything you need to know about the card and point-of-sale (POS) industries in FinTech, Financial Technology, and digital payment will be covered in this course.

This course covers various topics, including card and point-of-sale hardware, authentication components, PCI DSS, MDR, MCC, card schemes, processing, clearing, and settlement.

Students will leave the course with a solid understanding of the card and point-of-sale businesses and an in-depth understanding of how payment companies and card schemes generate revenue.

Things to Learn

The learner will understand FinTech – Digital Payments thoroughly. Students will benefit from the instruction in understanding the stakeholders and back-end systems involved in card transaction processing. Students’ existing professions will also profit from this, whether they are in the same field or change to the card and point-of-sale (POS) industry.

  • MDR and MCC
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Scheme of cards
  • PCI Data Security Standard
  • Transactions made using a credit card
  • Businesses with POS machines
  • FinTech Digital Banking, Digital Finance, Financial Technology.
  • Payment Processing
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Encryption along with Tokenization in Digital Payments 

We are more exposed to new kinds of risk and fraud as digital payment technology and use cases proliferate. Modern fraudsters and hackers are more crafty; therefore, we must keep up with them if we want to protect ourselves. 

Tokenization and encryption can be used to safeguard mobile-based digital payment systems and payment processing. In this business-focused course, you will study tokenization and encryption concerning digital payments.

Things to learn

  • Tokenization and Encryption in the Digital Payments Industry
  •  HSM Overview, Access, and Refresh Tokens, and Auth
  •  Tokenization for VISA and Apple Pay
  •  What is the distinction between Tokenization and Encryption?
  •  Processing of Payments

An Overview of FinTech, including AI, Blockchain, Cloud Data, and Cybersecurity

In this crash course, you will concentrate on the technologies used to enable Fintech. The importance of innovation and the pace of innovation will be discussed in lectures.

The importance of AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Data Analytics in Fintech will be covered in the discussion that follows. Additionally, and perhaps most significantly, you will also talk about cybersecurity!

Things to learn

  • What is financial technology?
  • What technologies underpin Fintech?
  • What is blockchain technology, and why is it significant in Fintech?
  • Why is cloud computing critical for Fintech innovation?
  • The industry’s finest cybersecurity practices
  • How can I move to the cloud?
  • Why is innovation necessary?
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FinTech Disrupting Financial Services

Every nation’s government and financial services regulator must prioritize financial inclusion. It helps a nation attain the Sustainable Development Goals and, as a result, improves the well-being of its population. Financial inclusion ensures that people are aware of and able to choose the financial services they want rather than being sold, as well as ensuring resources are distributed equitably, and that culture is fair.

Things to learn

  • FinTech Foundations
  • Financial Inclusion’s Foundations
  • Savings, credit, payments, and insurance
  • Financial Inclusion Metrics
  • Processing of different Payment methods

Top Payment Gateway Models and Strategies (FinTech)

Whether you are a product or project manager, a strategic alliance lead, a beginner in the payment gateway or digital payment industry, a trainer, or simply curious about Payment Gateway systems and processes, this course will be beneficial to you.

Things to learn

  • Practical difficulties, commercial negotiations, and strategies
  • Suggestions for Effective Strategy and Negotiation
  • Secure codes from VISA and Mastercard
  • PCI DSS and Five Models of Integration
  • Refunds and Chargebacks
  • Important Evaluating Factors


The capabilities of the finance sector are growing every day. As a result, new strategies must be used to maintain the current pace. You may develop your abilities and fully comprehend FinTech with the aid of these online courses. Financial institutions now favor hiring industry professionals with academic credentials. I hope you go with what suits you the most.

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