How to Increase the Efficiency of a Car Carburetor?

Car Carburetor

Nowadays, many modern cars have a computer-controlled system for the distribution of fuel. But then also, there are many cars that work on the traditional carburetor technique for the delivery of fuel. A carburetor is responsible for mixing air and fuel in internal combustion engines and is known as the ‘heart of the automobile engine’. If you are looking to purchase a new car carburetor then you can visit to purchase it online. Moreover, in this post, we are giving you details about increasing the efficiency of a car carburetor.

An overview of a car carburetor

The main work of a car carburetor is to mix the air and fuel in an applicable ratio for combustion in the engine. It was invented in the year 1826 by Samuel Morey who was an American engineer. The carburetor works on Bernoulli’s principle and needs maintenance as well to work without any hassle. It makes the engine of a vehicle run smoothly as well as gives better horsepower. In the case of cars or automobiles, usually, the ratio is about 14.7 parts of air to one part of fuel. Also, for the engines, too much air or less air is not good so there must be an appropriate amount of air intake.

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The functions of a car carburetor are as follows :

  • The primary function of a car carburetor is to let an appropriate amount of air as well as fuel required for producing power.
  • Mix the fuels and regulates the ratio of air and fuel.
  • Carburettor vaporizes the fuel and mixes the air to a consistent mixture of air and fuel.
  • Controls the speed of an engine.
  • Let the fuel burn in an efficient manner without any difficulties.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of mixture depending on the speed of the engine and changing load.

Ways for increasing the efficiency of a car carburetor:

Various ways for increasing the efficiency of a car carburetor are given below:

1. Cleaning – A dirty carburetor can create many problems and affect the performance of a car. So, it is very essential to clean the car carburetor by using proper methods. You must use a high-quality carburetor spray to clean it effectively. It will clear the dust particles that have accumulated there and hinder the right functioning of the carburetor. You can also use some tools as well such as large-nose pliers, screwdrivers, and others for cleaning it efficiently.

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2. Warm up the car’s engine – First thing that you should always do to tune in your carburetor is to warm up your car’s engine. So, to warm it up you can also take a ride for up to ten to fifteen minutes and make sure that it warms up well. In case you will not warm up the engine then you will get a bad tune. Hence, you should never leave the engine of your car idle because it will affect the process of tuning severely and as a result, the efficiency of a car carburetor will decrease.

3. Adjust the air-fuel mixture screws properly – When the car’s engine attains the operating temperature then readjust the air-fuel mixture screw in a carburetor. If the screws are tightened properly then it will increase the amount of fuel and if they are loose then it will decrease the amount of fuel. So, when you do adjustments, it is recommended that you do it in lesser increments of a quarter turn. This will help in the prevention of major fuel changes that are responsible for affecting the engine’s performance badly. On the other hand, if you think that a car carburetor needs to be replaced then you can buy it online from Boodmo.

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4. For better performance, tune it – One of the best methods to tune a carburetor is by using a wideband air or fuel ratio meter. In the exhaust stream, it has an oxygen sensor that can precisely gauge the air and fuel ratio of the engine. So, this lets you do a more accurate adjustment. Apart from this, before starting this, you must assure that the floats are adjusted in the correct way because this can affect the ratio of air and fuel.

Final Words

So, the carburetor is considered an important mechanical device in your car. You can easily follow the ways mentioned above in the post for increasing its efficiency. But, many times you may also see a need to replace it if it is not working efficiently. In this case, you can purchase a new one online from Boodmo at reasonable rates. Hence, hopefully, this article will help you in knowing more about increasing the efficiency of a car carburetor.

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